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Thread: Hi from CA!

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    Default Hi from CA!

    Just made it to my first mid-life crisis (with the wife's permission, of course...), and bought a Porsche.

    After reading through many threads, I have invested in several devices to help me stay within all (measurable) legal limits at all essential times.

    I look forward to chatting with all of you!

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    Default Re: Hi from CA!

    welcome to the forum.
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    Default Re: Hi from CA!


    How's the weather out there? One of these days I'm going to take a road trip to your area of the country.

    Enjoy your Porsche, those toys are the pay off for years of hard work.

    This is a great site full of interesting people with many different ideas as to which hardware is the best. Do a lot of research and be sure to check out the GPS powered models.

    There are vendors on this site that will help you with your choice.

    Ben, OH

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    Default Re: Hi from CA!

    A Porsche looks better with hidden laser jammer gear.

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    Default Re: Hi from CA!

    Welcome to the forum. What countermeasures are you looking into?




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