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    Hi from the Police State of Australia!

    Approx 12 months ago, I bought a Whistler Pro78, & have been quite happy with it.
    Typically picks up Mobile Radar Vans approx 250-300 metres away.

    Have just recently installed a Stinger Card, & the range is 450-500 metres against the Mobile Radar Vans. Can't believe they don't sell it in USA/Canada.

    Considering an STi-R Plus for my other car, however $1800 (AUD) + fitting is fair bit of coin.

    None of the above will be any protection against Laser, so I might have to go with an M47 Blinder setup + Veil G4 to finish things off.

    Have just downloaded Trapster for my iPhone, & it seems to work quite well. Eventually turned off the Red Light Camera warnings, as it seemed like almost every single intersection has one!
    There's obviously quite a few drivers out there with a similar disgust of Big Brother continually looking over our shoulders.

    It seems as though we've already lost the battle (via complacency) to avoid having our every move watched on our roads here, & on behalf of the Country that brings you the Spectre/Stalcar equipment, let me be amongst the first to Apologise to the World's Drivers. :-(

    In the State of Victoria, you can be booked for as little as 2mph/3kph over the limit.
    Australian regulations state that speedo accuracy has to be within 8%, meaning you could be in your brand new car on the way home from the dealership, & still have to drive under the posted limit, just to be sure.

    I read quite a few posts where US Drivers are concerned that their rights etc are being eroded.
    In Australia, that happened years ago.....

    I look forward to contributing more in the future.

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    G'day mate.

    This is the place to hang out. I don't think anyone here will win the political war, but we can sure voice a concern - though this is preaching to the choir.

    I'd love to visit Aussieland some day, definitely on my list of places to go.

    Also - no apologies required for your fellow country men. We did give the world George W Bush for 8 years.
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    Default Re: New Member from Australia

    welcome to the forum

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    welcome to the forum.
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    Well, Australia was a prison coloney, it isn't surprising to see honest people being treated like criminals.

    Welcome to the forum.

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    Thanks Guys.

    Australia is currently locked in a race with the UK, to see who can end up with the most oppressive road rules.
    It's neck & neck at the moment.

    RDs were banned years ago in every State & Territory except Western Australia, hence they are the source for all our Countermeasure equipment.

    Maybe there might be room for an Aussie Forum on this site?
    There seems to be widely varying equipment in use over here, & it's sometimes hard to know exactly what we're up against.

    Love the Forums!



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