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    Default Hello all, New V1 owner...or soon to be

    Hello everyone,
    I recently ordered a Valentine V1. After reading Alex Roys book a few years back and doing some recent reviews I decided to pay up and order (placed today) myself a nice radar detector. Why? I dont speed all the time but I'm sure everybody cant deny going 5-10 over at times. As some of you might be able to tell by my username I have a yellow SS of some sort, it happens to be a 2006 Cobalt SS for anybody who was wondering so as you can guess I tend to stand out from the rest. I have plans to hardwire the V1 into some sort of power source so if anybody has done this before on a Cobalt (LS,LT,SS) any pictures or help would be much appreciated. Also if anyone has important info for new Valentine V1 owners feel free to post some links as I'm trying to learn everything I can about it. Happy to join the club and happy new years to all!

    images to come after 15 posts haha
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    Default Re: Hello all, New V1 owner...or soon to be

    Welcome to the forum. Where are you located? Turn POP off on your V1.

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    Default Re: Hello all, New V1 owner...or soon to be

    Lapeer, Michigan area. Mind filling me in on what POP is? I have tried to find some things on the Valentine website but nothing really tells me what it is.

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    Default Re: Hello all, New V1 owner...or soon to be

    Read up:


    Here is what is used in your state:

    Michigan (thanks AlexRuiz, alpinestars_2002795, bauzer71487, biggreensigns, EasY E, FoolishOne, Jammer84_03, jdong, joegibs, languy99, nhlhitz23, oaklandmrt, ProudNMAmember, repeter, StlouisX50)

    Allen Park: Laser
    Ann Arbor: K, Ka
    Battle Creek: Laser, K, Ka
    Bay City: K, KA, Laser
    Bay County: Ka,Laser, K, Pacing. SP post has LA S Stealth, Marksman, UL LRB/100LR, PL III.
    Benton Harbor: k, ka
    Berrien County Sheriff: k
    Beverly Hills: Laser
    Big Rapids: K, KA
    Canton (Wayne County): Ka (updated 05/27/2009)
    Carrollton: Laser (LTI 20/20)
    Clawson: K
    Clinton: Laser
    Clinton County: Laser
    Corunna: Ka 35.5 (updated 08/02/2009)
    Davidson Clarkston: Ultralyte LRB
    Davison Township: Laser
    East Lansing: K, Ka band
    Escanaba: Ka,K,POP,Laser (PL III, possibly Ultralyte 200LR)
    Flint: Pro Laser III
    Flint Township: C/O Ka
    Grand Rapids: Ka, K, Laser (Ultralyte), Prolaser III, Laser Atlanta S
    Grosse Pointe: Ka
    Holland: K, Ka, Laser
    Jackson- Police: Ka
    Kalamazoo: Laser, K, Ka
    Kentwood: K,Ka,Laser
    Lansing: K, Ka, Laser
    Mackinaw City: Ka, K (updated 07/01/2009)
    Madison Hts: K
    Meridian Township: Ka
    Muskegon: K, Ka, Laser
    Novi (Wayne County): K/KA (updated 05/27/2009)
    Oakland County Sheriff: Ka, K
    Ogemaw County: Pacing, 35.5 Golden Eagle Ka, K, Laser, ProLaser III's and Ultralyte LRB or 100Lr's.
    Ottawa County: Laser (LTI Ultra Lyte LR)
    Plymouth (Wayne County): Ka (updated 05/27/2009)
    Rose City: K, Decatur Genesis/Directional
    Royal Oak: Ka, K
    Saginaw: K, Ka, Laser
    St. Ignace: K (updated 07/01/2009)
    St. Joseph: K, Ka, Laser
    State: Freeways. 35.5 golden eagle Ka, Laser Ultrylte or Prolaser III's, and some laser atlanta's. Statewide Highways, Ka,K band, then Laser.
    State Police: Laser
    Troy: K, Ka, Laser
    Walker: K, Ka, Laser
    Warren: Ka, Laser
    West Branch: City (K, Ka), County (Ka, K)
    Wyoming: K,Ka

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    Default Re: Hello all, New V1 owner...or soon to be

    Quote Originally Posted by snoopyc4 View Post
    Welcome to the forum. Where are you located? Turn POP off on your V1.
    X2....Seems like X band is not used in your state, i would switch it off but if you plan on heading towards ohio or NJ make sure you turn it back on. Turn pop off. If you haven't purchased it yet, get the concealed display, and when hard wiring the Detector make sure it RD is up high near the rear view mirror.

    people usually used add a fuse to hardwire the detector. Use the search bar on top, this has been discussed many times and you might be able to find some pictures to help you out. It usually takes about 10-15 mins to complete the install once you have everything.

    i think you might be able to find this link useful.

    Hardwiring my radar

    Seems like laser is also used quite a bit, so make sure you invest in a laser jammer sometime near future.
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    Default Re: Hello all, New V1 owner...or soon to be

    x band can still pop up in Michigan, if you stray off the main highways between the big cities and into the small towns you can have a big surprise and get hit with x band. If you stick with the main highways you will be fine. also, in my opinion leave POP on, I have done testing in the past and have proven that you will get a increase in k-band detection and k-band is alive and well here. And the new .872 rarely falses anymore with POP on so in my opinion leave it on.

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    Default Re: Hello all, New V1 owner...or soon to be

    Hello fellow zombie.

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    Default Re: Hello all, New V1 owner...or soon to be

    Howdy - I like and use my V1 for out on the road. That includes an hour drive each way for work, mostly highway and some freeway. I didn't comprehend what the big deal was about the arrows. Now I like the arrows and bogey counter.
    I use the CD unit via cigarette lighter because of different vehicles.
    I have no regrets on the purchase although I use the 9500ix for my in town driving. Not to say anything wrong with the V1, just I like the in town features of the 9500ix for me.


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    Default Re: Hello all, New V1 owner...or soon to be

    Welcome to the forum
    Radarrob is a approved radar detector and Parking sensor installer Anywhere in the United States.Has access to Radar and Lidar Guns to test systems.Need Help Choosing a Radar Detector or parking sensor for your needs? Visit my Install Thread:

    "I'm interested to see how well you do.I never seen a car JTG before would be a first for me.."

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    Default Re: Hello all, New V1 owner...or soon to be

    Thanks for the links and help, time to read up now.



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