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    Default Greetings + Advice Needed!

    Hello everyone, very glad to be part of this forum!

    Anyway, I wanted to cover 2 things. First, a personal experience with my laser setup that happened earlier today, and advice on a new setup/upgrade.

    I live in florida (no front plate). I have an 05 red mazda 3, dark tints. I have a basic cobra radar detector, veil, laser sheild on my plate and a zr3.

    Personal Experience: *edit* this is most likely the case of false alerts on my zr3, though i wasnt driving into the sun. in addition, i never had this issue ever happen, and it only happened at first when i was getting into the fast lane, you be the judge. im still a newbie at all this*
    i know the zr3 is pretty outdated now, but the thing has been saving my ass. today was a rather odd experience i wanted to share, though. i was on my way home (tampa to gainesville), on my way to the interstate i got lasered (rear). nothing happened, slowed down, muted, etc. wasnt really speeding. *FYI, i say muted but maybe its a killswitch. its the little button that gets installed, not located on the unit itself. so if i say muted i mean that.*

    it got pretty crazy on the interstate though. i was driving for about 10 minutes, and i started explaining to my gf how laser worked (rear vs front, laser vs radar, etc) when i started getting hit (rear). i was in the fast lane with a few other cars we were going about 87 (in a 70). I slowed down got to the right lane and muted him out. It was ironic cause I was just talking about it. well no more than 3-5 mins later, boom, rear hit again. i slowed down more, muted, and stayed in the right lane.

    about 8 mins passed so i got to the fast lane and got back up to about 82, same as the other cars were going in that lane when i got hit AGAIN. this is the third time in little over 10 minutes. Wow. So i got over again and stayed there. I got hit 2 more times in that lane in the next 8 minutes. This guy had to be following me since I've never had this before. Though, I never saw the guy once. I have gotten a rear alert at a stoplight before from i believe the car behind me having some sort of infrared/laser system on the bumpers for letting them know how close to objects they were. But I never had so many alerts, especially since i let dozens of vehicles pass me to make sure of it.

    well sure enough i decided to get off at the rest area and parked for about 3 minutes waiting to see a cop follow me in or drive by. Nothing. So I pulled out and started down the road and boom. I got hit another 2 times! in the slow lane, I then turned the thing off totally to give them perfect readings. But even though I was only going about 68 at this point it was either curiosity or a vendetta that they were pointing me out cause other cars were flying by me.

    i got off on the next exit and stopped for 10 mins and got back on, no problems. Was it all a coincidence? Maybe just a lot of false alerts. Dunno.

    to finish this story about an hour later i was in the middle lane and going about 82 switching to my right lane and as i was switching i saw the car infront of me slowing down a bit and once i looked ahead, i saw a state trooped parked gunning people.

    i was now in the closest lane to him and the next car to pass him. i didnt know what to think, did my laser fail? or is my KA about to start going off. i hit my brakes to slow down to about 73 and before i got to that speed my front laser went off. i muted it and went by him and nothing happened. WOW. pretty stressful trip..

    Advice Needed:
    anyway, i'm doing research to see of ways to improve my setup without spending an arm and a leg. I'd also like to keep my zr3 and incorporate that if possible with another setup. Is that possible? also, I hear of rear being harder to jam, and ive been hit in the rear (pause) nearly every time but once or twice.
    I'm open to all suggestions, and i dont think i can spend more than 500$. Could I move my zr3 to the front and run a m20/25 on the back (or vice versa, or a zr4 for that matter).

    i'm also gunna reapply my veil.

    thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Greetings + Advice Needed!

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Default Re: Greetings + Advice Needed!

    First thing you need to do is get rid of that cobra for a Belscort or a V1. Then look into a new set of laser jammers such as the blinder m27, m47 if you can afford it. We have plenty of information on jammers so just take a look in that section of the site and see if you can find what you are looking for. Welcome to the forum



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