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    Default I love this forum.

    I have wanted to get a radar detector for awhile now and so before any large purchase I am all over the internet trying get to get as much info as I possibly can. I found this forum to be the best with loads of info and excellent posters. I decided that the radar detector for me was going to be the Escort Passport 8500 x50. I made it very apparent to my family that that is what I wanted for Christmas. To my surprise I ended up getting a 9500i. I was pleasantly surprised.

    In the past 3 weeks of 9500i ownership I have noticed a few things. Driving has become more enjoyable now that I feel I have one step ahead on the local smokeys. My gas mileage has gone down unfortunately. And I find myself wanting more gadgets now that I realize how much of a threat Lidar is in my area.

    I look forward to learning new things and hopefully offering some insight of my own.

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    Default Re: I love this forum.

    welcome to the forum.
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    Default Re: I love this forum.

    Welcome aboard.

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    Default Re: I love this forum.

    Welcome to the Forum
    and to the world of
    speed-enforcement counter-measures

    the 9500i is a great detector
    • what operating mode(s) do you prefer ?
    • what GPS features are you using ?
    • how/where did you mount it ?
      planning to keep it there ?
    • was it purchased directly from Escort ?

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    Default Re: I love this forum.

    Welcome to the forum. Lots of information here. Do lots of reading, and utilize the search feature.

    Also where are you from?

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    Default Re: I love this forum.

    Welcome to our forum

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    Default Re: I love this forum.

    Welcome to the forum I believe you can find your answers here. Be careful this hobby can become addicting. What type of vehicle are you equiping? There will tons of advice found within.

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    Default Re: I love this forum.

    Hi Everyone from SYDNEY Australia

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    Default Re: I love this forum.

    Welcome aboard

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    Default Re: I love this forum.

    Welcome to the forum. Tell us a little bit more about yourself. Where are you from, what settings are you running the 9500i in, and what vehicle do you drive?



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