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    Default Hi from Milwaukee

    So just had the *** system installed for aroudn $1500, and just to let everyone know, it does NOT work! Got zapped on the highway from front and my detector didn't even go off. Any suggestions appreciated!

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    Default Re: Hi from Milwaukee

    First suggestion: read the rules before you get banned.

    Rules and Regulations.

    Welcome to the forum.

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    Default Re: Hi from Milwaukee

    Agree with snoopyc4 read the rules.

    Welcome to our forum

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    Default Re: Hi from Milwaukee

    Banning him would be a great idea in my opinion.

    Read the rules and quit helping out the people we are trying to defeat with countermeasures!!!

    Glad you spent $1500 on a system that does not work if you are going to run around getting LEO's to test your system. At least they get to test a POS.
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    Default Re: Hi from Milwaukee

    I kind of wished I had someone around here to talk with, but oh well, such is life.



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