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    Default Beltronicstarget Evo 966R

    Hello everybody,
    I get a new detector but there is a BIP every second all the time depending
    of the level of the volume.
    Is there anybody knows this problem ?
    many thanks

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    Default Re: Beltronicstarget Evo 966R

    welcome to the forum.
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    Default Re: Beltronicstarget Evo 966R

    Hello 1650michel! Welcome to the forum!

    This sound indicates an "unstable" power supply. Check all wires, especially ground and 12V+.

    Also ensure that the wires from the 5-pin connection cable (white, blue, orange, black, red) are non-switched to the display of the 966R.

    I also recognized this sound from many Beltronics detectors, during a drop in on-board voltage.

    By the way, excellent choice on the 966R.

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    Default Re: Beltronicstarget Evo 966R

    Welcome to our forum

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    Default Re: Beltronicstarget Evo 966R

    Welcome to the forums!



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