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    Smile hello from perth!

    Hey guys, im new to this forum. I've had a couple of radaar detectors over the years (both beltronics RX-65's) which I liked. One got stolen out the car and the other one just stopped working, and when I sent it back to the guy i bought it form in America off Ebay, he refused to posting it back and kept demanding more money from me. Anyway now i've just bought a bel STi-R!! Im thinkinng it should be good in WA as we have multanova here!! I will ask a couple of questions in the beltronics area so please help me out as im new to remote detectors!!

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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome aboard! Sorry you got boned by that tool in the states. I try and stay retail on my RDs to start out. I mean this trade is not exactly a respected industry so you need to be careful where and who you do business with. However, I think you'll do well with the Bel STi.

    I'm guessing if your from Perth you have to be a sailor right?
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    Smile Re: hello from perth!

    thanks guys! yeah im from perth, haha no im not a sailor, we just occasionally get US sailors that dock here. Yeah i got my STi-R from a guy in canada called Alex who has a website, he seems cool to deal with. At the moment im just looking in to where to mount etc. If you guys can let me know the best place to buy a dual head laser interceptor please let me know! .

    Yeah i had overall good experiences with my bel detectors so i thought id stay with that. Also I like the idea of theives not seeing a detector in the window to steal!

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    Welcome aboard.

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    welcome to forum.
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    Any chance you can PM me the crowd you got your STi-R from and how much you paid?

    Congratulations on already getting the RD I've decided I want

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    Oye, welcome!

    Holden or Ford?



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