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    Kudos to everyone not letting the state reap tax money from the backs of the motorist....

    We all know there is a time, place, and way to drive fast AND safe !!!!. When I say fast, I do not mean that it is beyond the ability of the driver, car, road, or weather conditions.
    We know the risk to ourselves, in moose alley, deer corridor, turtle backs and frog slides.

    We don't speed in school zones, or play areas, we slow down on one lane roads when we come into a small nowhere towns.

    Setting artificially low speed limits, is telling us that we are letting ( the licensing bureau, goverment ) stupid people drive.

    The officers are told to enforce speed limits as these are the easiest to prove in court. So they do no need to go.
    However most accidents occur at intersections, WITH injuries, but enforcing these red, AND yellow light violators is harder to prove, takes more time i.e. court time to testify.

    Now following, or seeing a speeding vehicle driving unsafe is a cause to be stopped and violated.

    So you know, I have driven fast for a living, 25 + years, in all sorts of weather snow ice, more often than the average police officer, in a vehicle lager than they drive, AND I AM not a hose monkey, ( not that there is anything wrong with that ).

    For those of you that I did not offend, that know languy99, can you tell me the status of the clear window tint like film that you are working on. I have been looking into doing the same with window tinting film also.

    Being from Quebec Canada land of the free you have no rights to detect or jam, but I can stealth.

    I was looking into the same, 3 m makes the paint protection film as clear, but the other stuff would have the I. R. absorbent dyes.

    In Quebec, Ottawa, Ont - Gatineau they are almost always using laser now. So with my new WRX (quebec no front plate )a clear or near clear film with properties like Laser Veil would give me some protection, as if you are a good driver you will see them well ahead before they put the gun on you. The Ottawa Police wear lime green vest, so if you don't see them you really deserve the ticket.


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    welcome to forum.
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    Welcome; enjoy and educate yourself!

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    Veil the lights and get a stealth RD.

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    welcome, as of right now I have stopped working on the film, it did actually work at reducing reading on the headlights but was not made for apply to curved surfaces. The only true way for me to move on the project would be to get special film made and such. Personally I would go with veil over anything for passive counter measures and is much easier to apply them a film.

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    Welcome Aboard.

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    Thank you for the update languy99.

    I will be Veilling the lights, weird

    I will see about some 3m window film from Home Depot, if it can stay ok on the flatter surfaces of the WRX. Making the car as low as a signature to lidar as possible, as that is all they use in the city, where I spend most of my time.

    Any other sources of IR absorbing dye other than Veil, or a larger container from them to mask the front end. I might even try to apply it to the 3 m paint protection film that I was going to put on the front end. We use small rocks in winter mixed in the salt. Nice sandblast effect on the windshield and paint.

    I will update everyone it won' t be for a month or two.

    Thanks all



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