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    Hi guys,

    I'm new here (obviously) and have a silver Subaru Forester XT (SG). I used to have a E46 (BMW 3-series) that was outfitted with a hardwired V1, but as I am now travelling between NY (school) and MD (home) quite often, I figured I should do some research to get more protection from LEOs. I learned a lot from lurking for the past few days (although I think I joined at least a few months ago, I must be on like 30 different car forums). Just ordered a Cobra CB radio / Wilson Little Wil antenna, VEIL, and LaserShield. I plan on getting a LI dual setup for the front end around June time and maybe even a quad LI setup for the rear (unfortunately the rear ends on the Foresters are huge) in the far future.

    I looked up the types of speed enforcement in the areas I frequent and noticed that ENRADD is used a lot in PA. I also read that only state police are allowed to use radar, but does this mean that ENRADD can still be used on highways?

    This forum has been a great resource for me, keep it up guys!


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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome Aboard and enjoy the forum. It sound to me like you have doing your research, go luck with the v1--good reaction time and the arrows help alot.





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