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    Default hello everybody from brisbane QLD AUS

    Hi joined up as i have little knowlage on radar detectors and need to learn fast as QLD goverment has decided to double the amount of speed cameras and hide them in unmarked cars ..untill now speed cameras were in ether white or black transit vans or 4 wheeldrive landcruizers ,so i have decided that they are not playing fair so neither will i .so i am seeking knowlage on what radar detector is best suited for me the most important thing is the ability for it to alert me to the speed cameras hidden in the new covert road side cars taking pictures from both front and rear . most driving i do is in the city where most speed cameras are located but would also like to be alerted to all kinds of radar used in queensland and radar detectors are illegal so would like one that can not be detected by police , driving a nissan skyline any help with which radar detector is best suitable would be much appreciated thanks

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    Default Re: hello everybody from brisbane QLD AUS

    Radarrob is a approved radar detector and Parking sensor installer Anywhere in the United States.Has access to Radar and Lidar Guns to test systems.Need Help Choosing a Radar Detector or parking sensor for your needs? Visit my Install Thread:

    "I'm interested to see how well you do.I never seen a car JTG before would be a first for me.."

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    Default Re: hello everybody from brisbane QLD AUS

    Welcome from the Pacific Northwest to the land down under. I hope find what you need here to make a wise choice on a detector or a unit utilizing GPS for Redlight cameras.

    It sound like a V1 or Bel STI with the Cheetah GPS and interface unit from Cheetah would be the way to go.




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