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    Default Hello from California

    I recently got a speeding ticket near Sacramento for going 83 in a 65 mile zone.
    Normally I don't drive over the speed limit (this is my first speeding ticket in
    20 years). My son had stuck a radar detector on the windshield as he was
    supposed to drive. But I didn't let him drive (as he is 20 years) and drove
    instead. I have never used a radar detector (the radar detector is my Son's) before and I didn't know that
    sticking on the windshield is illegal.
    What will happen to my ticket? Will I have to pay the speeding ticket AND
    a fine for sticking the radar detector on the windshield? Can I take the course
    to get the points off my record? Do I need to hire a speeding ticket attorney?
    Please help!!!!

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    Default Re: Hello from California


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    Default Re: Hello from California

    Howdy - and if you look in the "Radar Detector-General" section, there is a thread running about California & windshields.
    I see stuff on others windshields a lot, and I don't know anyone myself that actually got a ticket for it. I guess it's there but not strongly enforced. Sort of like the cell phone thing. I sometimes wonder with all the budget cuts if more of these minor things are going to be enforced more often.
    There is also threads about tickets further down somewhere in another section, but I don't know if it has CA. windshield coverage.
    Doing 18 over the PSL, I hope it wasn't because you fully depended on the detector.

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    Default Re: Hello from California

    Welcome to the Forum

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    Default Re: Hello from California

    Sorry to hear about your ticket, I have driven up and through Sacramento and it's easy to drive 85-90 without hesitation esp with the many lanes on I-80. Never been pulled over in Cali so it's kind of hard to know what they are going to serve you with, looks to me like the CHP/LEO would cut you a break and just give you the speeding ticket, but I know/hear allot of Californians are paying this year(the states broke) on their taxes so you might get the double shot on the ticket.

    Good luck on fighting the ticket.



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