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    I've been a lurker here a couple time, but now I need the advice/help from the masses. I have a Escort 8500 that I've had for years in a Dodge truck and many, many rentals. Now I have just bought a 2009 Accord EX-L with the navigation system. I just bought the smart cord hardwire with remote. I also have bought a rearview mirror mount for it since I'm sick and tired of the darn suction cups failing me. However, my question is, where the heck do I mount the remote from the smart cord? The detector is within reach, but if I run it dark, I'd like to have the remote within easy reach. I'm not opposed to holes, but would like to keep them to a minimum and fairly well hidden (recessed hidey hole or some thing such). Any ideas?

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    Wecome to the Forum

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    Original poser, follow the arrow for help when you can. Hint: #2

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    Welcome to the club. Er, see you later....

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    Ok, lets try this again. First off, thanks for the welcome. Second, a little about me:

    I'm a HAM (KD0xxx, pm me if you're a ham and want to trade call signs). I have a yaesu 8900 that I run mobile (haven't installed in the Accord yet), and will soon have a IC7000 mobile and base. I've recently bought a 2008 Honda Accord, of which brought me to this forum. I've been running radar detectors since the late 80's, when I was burning up the highways between Lubbock and my hometown 120 miles away. I've had mostly Escorts ending with the previously mentioned 8500. I've ordered the Z-mount found at country joy crafts. Tonight I hid most of the leads from the Smart Cord in the headliner and pillar down to the fuse panel. I still don't know what I want to do with the led fob and mute button.

    If I can stay on the good side of the mods, maybe I can not only get some answers, but maybe add some too.


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