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    Default Newbie from Portland/Vancouver

    Just stoppin to check in. I have been working on setting up my radar dectector on the motorcycle zx6r. Seems to be working good so far. I want to get a laser Jammer but still not sure which one will works best for the bike.

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    Welcome aboard. No personal experience with a bike, but the rider probably becomes a target as well as the bike. Check out the LI and Blinders. The LI has a bit more punch.

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    Welcome to our forum

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    If you have the Zx6R I can tell you that I hooked the Blinder M27 up to my ex's bike and it worked perfectly.

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    Welcome to the club. What a coincidence, I was just in your neck of the woods for the past several days, just flew out of Portland this afternoon.

    I just drove from Grants Pass to Portland last night and saw 2-3 laser patrols, one of them zapped me and only by luck and some other faster car did I avoid the ticket. I saw little radar. Seems the Oregon troopers are in love with their laser.... so you definitely need to get fitted with that.

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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I think that must of the leo's I have encounter are using laser. Just today I got zap by a State trooper lucky I wasn't on the bike speeding.

    LI is the jammer I would get for the bike but I do have a reflective helmet visor that the leo would probably punch through.
    Still debating weather or not I want to spend the money or not.



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