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    Default New To The Forum - Recommend Best Sedans 4 Jammer Installs

    Well, I just found this great forum.....

    I recently got a Laser speeding ticket, that I almost won in court if it wasn't for the LEO perjuring himself on the stand (that's a topic for another day).

    This prompted me to seek out what sort of countermeasures are viable today...I have spent several weeks doing some research and reading these forums. I have finally come to the conclusion that I want to go with BLINDER M47s. I currently own a 2002 toyota Avalon, but I am leaning towards purchasing a new (late model) vehicle.

    I am looking for recommendations as to which are the best type vehicles for stealth installation of the jammers. I am a big guy, 6'4" 250 it can't be a small vehicle. I am thinking:

    2008 Toyota Camry SE
    2003 Nissa Maxima SE
    2008/09 Subaru Legacy (too small?)
    2008 Camaro

    All would be in black finish.....btw

    I have an older Escort 8500 detector that still works, but wil want to upgrade that to the latest and greatest (I'm thinking Valentine V1).

    Anyway, let me have your recommendations.

    BTW I am in Connecticut where there Guns of choice are the LTI Familiy of 20/20s

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    Default Re: New To The Forum - Hello To All

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    Default Re: New To The Forum - Hello To All

    Welcome aboard....

    My estimate of stealthiness:
    Camaro (2009): best
    Legacy (wrap around headlights)
    Camry worst (wrap around headlights)

    Legacy-close 2nd

    The V1 is an excellent choice. What lead you the decision for the M47's?

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    Default Re: New To The Forum - Hello To All

    Completely agree with thx1138's assessment above. None of those cars present a significant installation problem on the front. All of them present an installation problem on the rear. Blinder heads are too deep for most rear installs. And I would not be comfortable with just a Blinder on the Legacy or Camry because of the central grilles and wrap around headlights.

    The Camaro would be a great stealth car with the old school headlights and wide grille.

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