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    Default Heya Questions from a potential buyer!

    Hey there!

    Well I want to get a RD because speeding tickets are just no bueno.---But should I even bother I've been reading the forums and I see some people say that most cops are changing to Laser radars or what are they called around here Lidars?

    So is it even worth it to get a radar detector if most cops just use Lidars? Or would I pickup a cop car ahead of time before I get too close...Like is there a good enough RD for maybe 3-400 bucks that can save me from most of this? ---Sorry I'm trying to word this right but just by reading it aloud I sound like a dumbass. I am just curious about what I should buy if I should even buy anything.

    Thanks so much in advance!

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    Default Re: Heya Questions from a potential buyer!


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    Default Re: Heya Questions from a potential buyer!

    Welcome to forums. This all depends on what type of driving you're doing. I've only come across LIDAR (laser) on parkways and major highways. In my town, it's all C/O K band, lucky me! =) But $400 will get you a top notch dashmounted detector such as the V1 or for $499 the Escort Redline.

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    Default Re: Heya Questions from a potential buyer!

    Welcome, and yes you should get a RD alone with a Laser Jammer. There is a lot of cases that they do shoot radar with Ka or K and a few shoot X but continue to do a search and you will find that you should get one.

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    Default Re: Heya Questions from a potential buyer!

    Welcome to the forum. Where do you hail from?



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