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    I have been using radar detectors since 1982, going from the Radio Shack unit which was the size of a one foot long sub, later Cobra, Early Bell, and now I am a Whistler fan, having just bought my fourth one a PRO78SE replacing the XTR560 which I passed on to my son to replace a cheaper Whistler model. I am not here to knock other models other than perhaps the Cobra which produces nothing but junk at this time. I believe RadarRoy, or one of his competitors will not even handle Cobra due to their poor quality. I enjoy reading the different opinions, and instead of arguing about them, I figure that most detectors in a certain price range will perform fairly the same, and it is the features, and looks that attract certain people.

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    Welcome to the forum. Where are you from? I have the Pro 78SE and it does quite well on the open highway.

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    Welcome to the Forum
    from another old-timer

    I bought a 'Fuzzbuster II' in 1978. You might have seen seen my Chevy Nova with the microwave oven Velcro[d] to the dash.
    A Whistler Spectrum was my most reliable unit before the V-1. Frequently mis-reported the radar-band but certainly gave ample warning.

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    Welcome to forum
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    Welcome to our forum




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