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    Hi all.. have done my homework and ended up with a 9500ix and M27 package for my 335i. I'm sorting out the install and head placement now and came here to find supporting information and t seems there is tons readily availlable.. I'm in Collin county, TX.. as another pointed out we are saturated with Lidar, I'm wondering what the general consencus is with regard to rear protection. Obviously 1 head is better than none.. but is two really required for sufficient rear protection?

    Thnks for making such a place available as well as the individuals that post for the benefit of the community.


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    2 heads are on the rear a must. The rear is harder to protect than the front.
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    As Cat4 said, 2 heads is definitely a must. I've been hit by Allen cops from behind on 75 multiple times but I had already spotted the chase cars on the service road before they hit me. Without 2 heads in back, you might as well not have any. It isn't so much power as it is ability to detect the shot. I just ordered another set of jammers myself so I can have rear protection again because Laser is getting so heavy in the area. Also, watch out for I/O. It's been the only thing I've seen when it comes to radar over the past couple days. Welcome to the forum.

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    Just a quick welcome! I'm new to the forum too, but not new to countermeasures!

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    Welcome to the forum.

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    335i's are bad ass and they haul arse!!!! Good pick with the detector jammer combo. Welcome.



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