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    Yo, I'm Sector. I've found this forum to be a wealth of information recently. I got my first radar detector about 3-4 months ago after a ticket. Long story short, LAPD traffic moto unit was infront of me in carpool lane on 118 Freeway, passed someone, and i passed said car also. He alleged i did 85 when I still had my cruise set to 75. No radar, no pace, visual only in his mirror. Took him to court and won. Caught him unprepared, he testified to wrong location, no speed calibration card, and said he himself was doing atleast 75. That made my day.

    I currently own a Whistler XTR-695 and like it quite a lot. I was a full time college student, sometimes doing 100 miles a day and CHP can be sneaky where I live. Lots of laser around these parts. I usually set my cruise to 77 on the freeways since I dont run jammers, CHP wants you at 80+. Been lased so many times at 77 now i just wave at them as I pass.

    Im looking into my next detector here soon once I get a job. Trying to decide between the Escort 9500ix and Redline. I live and drive mostly city so 9500ix seems logical. But the 9500ix being kinda iffy on I/O and QT kinda makes me want to goto the Redline and deal with the falses (i dont get that many where I live where it is unbearable), but the 101 does use those K drones for traffic monitoring. However, both have TSR so that may not be as much as a problem as i thought like it is currently with my whislter. And when i do take those long driving trips, I would like the best detection possible. And unfortantly, Ventura County Sheriff, Simi Valley PD, Moorpark PD, Thousand Oaks PD all still use K band ONLY. Only their moto units run 35.5 Ka.

    So im currently doing a bunch of research between the 9500ix and Redline, and leaning towards the 9500ix. I can take a 10-15% hit in sensitivity for quietness and other features. Plus the few times i do take those long road trips, if I decide to really cruise, I run behind a rabbit 95% of the time. Just last weekend, went to an airsoft game off of Pearblossom Hwy, posted 55 but it is a new 4 lane open smooth highway. Followed behind a rabbit at 85+. Crested a hill to see CHP in the far distance. My eyes spotted it only microseconds before my whistler went off. He had someone pulled over already, but suddenly my rabbit no longer wanted to be my rabbit So back to 67 cruise i went.

    i follow quite a few of you guys on youtube and look forward to getting to know you guys and sharing my experiences.

    Any opinions you could share on my 9500ix vs Redline debate (yes, i know you guys have oh so much already talked about it in other threads) would be helpful if you havnt posted it already. If you put it somewhere on this forum, I have already seen it because im one of the few people who know how to use the search button =)

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