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    I don't drive fast, and I drive smart. 360 degree awareness at all times. I hate people who speed excessively and I autocross every chance I get, so don't take me for some street racing punk. However, I don't like getting pulled over and I would like a little bit more reassurance. I do drive a modified WRX so I do get the nasty look from cops a lot, and everyone knows if your in a modified import even if your going a couple mph over they like to pull you over and hassle you. So i'd like to avoid this at all costs.

    I know nothing about Radar detectors, laser, etc... All I hear from my friends is to get an V1 because it's an all around great detector. So, please any advice would be awesome. I am not up to snuff on the radar lingo. I don't have a huge wallet either, but something along the lines of $300-500 is within my price range.

    I am in the Military. Is it illegal to have a detector on post? I usually drive a couple mph under the speed limit anyway while on post so I could just turn it off.

    Right now I am in Florida, I am not sure if there are any detector laws here.

    I look forward to learning as much as I can from this site, and contributing once I know more.

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    Welcome to the forum. Do you drive mostly city or highway? I believe using a radar detector on a military base is illegal.

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    I know it is illegal on military installations. Escort Redline is not detectable by electronic measures. It is comparable to V1 (without the tinny sounding alert). I don't know if military installations actively 'hunt' for detectors. Just guessing not as they don't want to spend money. If stealth is not an issue, V1 or Redline are the top of the heap. Poke around more on this site as there are also other and less expensive options, but don't go bottom dollar as you might as well place a cardboard cutout of a radar detector.

    And welcome to the club.

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    Welcome to the Forum! It is illegal to have a RD on a Military Base.

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    Thank you for your service to our Nation!!

    Welcome to our forum

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    Also my Thank's to You for Protecting Our Country!

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    Welcome to the forum, radar detectors are illegal on bases but I have not ever heard of them searching for them, the few times I have gone on a military base with the detector mounted on my wind shield they have either told me to make sure it is off or to take it down, it has never been confiscated nor have I ever been given a ticket for it. Your price range is perfect for th V1, Redline or 9500ix, depending on what you want more range or features will determine which way you want to go. As well as the type of driving you do more, HWY or city

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    Right now its about an equal mix of highway and city driving.

    I have been looking at the Redline and the V1. It's hard to decide because I've been reading that the V1 has directional arrows, and picks up a lot of signals but it is detectable. While the Redline is very sensitive and picks up signals at a greater distance, and gets some signals around corners/twisty roads and such, and it's mostly undetectable but has no directional arrows. I am not to sure on what I want.

    Also, I want to mount this in my car preferably up top by my rear view mirror (either attached to it somehow or right next to it) because then I can just run the power into the same area my overhead lights are and it'd be easy. Any suggestions on what type of mount I should use to do this (if there are any available for the V1 or Redline), and what type of hardware ill need to hard wire it?
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    When I go on a military base I just take down my V1 when going through the entry checkpoint and then put it back up. Never been hassled.

    I would try the V1 for 30 days and see if you like it. If it's too chatty return it to VD within 30 days and they will refund your money. Then try the 9500ix from Escort. It will be far less chatty with the GPS features.

    Almost forgot, big thanks to you for your service to our Country.
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