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    Hey everyone,

    finally a place where people understand that speed limits and speeding laws are stupid and overzealous and should be changed.

    It boggles my mind that some states actually put people in jail for slightly exceeding speed limits.

    I find it ironic, that Germany, the ex-gestapo-nazi-genocide country actually allows it's citizens MORE freedom by providing autobahns with no speed limits than supposedly "the land of the free" (more like a brainswash propaganda) locks people up people for slight speeding.

    I know all-too-well the feeling when you see a huge stretch of straight highway in front of you and no or few cars around, sun is up and shining high, nice summer day outside... how is it possible NOT to make a 100+++ run, especially driving an ultra-high-perfomance car? The only thing that can ruin this picture is seeing the blue lights in the rear view mirror.

    IMO, the connection of "speed kills" is EXTREMELY exaggerated and blown WAY out of proportion to satisfy older women and wimpy men's opinions. Drive in the right lane and get the **** out of my way, left lane is for real men (and women) only.

    I wonder who makes these idiotic laws. It seems like some 60 year olds, who lacks testosterone of their youth, propose "crackdowns" on everything imaginable. Anything that's even remotely "out of line" is equated to something evil and punishable.

    Changing these things takes a lot of time and effort and for the most part seems like it's hopeless... so, while the "big wigs" keep talking and oppressing with more and more overzealous laws, we keep ridin' and speeding... for freedom.

    It's great that there are some people out there (like the ones on this board) who still have balls attached.

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    Welcome to the forum and it's all about Revenue.




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