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    Default Fromn Alabama,

    First I would like to say hey to everyone and let everyone know that i'm kinda familiar with how these forum's work and from what i have figured out there's some great ppl here that's willing to help member's out.This site has some great reading..and a great bunch of ppl.Thank's for any help that's given to me and if i can help another member I would be glad to b/c that's what a forum is all about.
    Ok with that said I would like to say that i've been here reading for over a month and have a lot of question's that I just cant find the answer too by reading .
    My First question,From what i've read you get a jammer to jam the radar gun,but i've read when you JTG a leo the member's here get mad about it????I thought that was what you did when you jam the radar gun///JTG???
    my next question,I was under the impression that a rd would pick up a laser if he had the gun on?from what i've read there's no rd that will pick up the laser???If that's the case how come all the leo's dont use laser????I have more question's but cant remember all of them lol.
    I hope it was OK to ask question why i was introducing my self .If not i will start my own thread,sorry.
    I'm from Alabama
    Thank's everyone for your time
    o yea one more thing,i'm going to get me a V1 my friend's wheather i need it or not lol.
    sorry for changing the subject so much,I know they make med's for that lol

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    Default Re: Fromn Alabama,

    I believe most people are referring to laser jammers rather than radar jammers on here. I've never tried either one out, but there's no radar jammers capable of doing a good job from what I have heard and read. In other words, waste of money.

    Radar detectors will detect laser sometimes. The only problems with that is, it's too late by the time the radar detector alerts. I have picked up laser scatter 2 times, which is the "scatter" of the laser when a leo is targeting another vehicle. Good quality laser jammers apparently work very well, but again, I've never had them myself.

    I have traveled through Alabama quite a bit and have never ran into any laser being used that I can remember. I remember seeing a lot of constant on Ka throughout a lot of Alabama's highways.

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    Default Re: Fromn Alabama,

    None of us here will ever suggest getting a Radar Jammer even if you can find one that works, it is a federal offense to operate one and can end up with a very large fine and many years in jail.

    What you are thinking of is Laser Jammers, and the reason why people get upset when you JTG is because this gives the LEO an opportunity to learn a little bit more about Laser Jammers and how they work, so we ask that as soon as your Laser Jammer goes off you slow to the PSL and then shut it off ASAP.

    Almost any Radar Detector these days will have the capability to pick up Laser it is just a matter of how and where the detector is mounted on the car, as well as what part of the car is being hit by laser and the type of Laser Gun being used, and EVERY single time if your Radar Detector is going off laser and you don't have any jammers, your done anyway, the LEO will have your speed immediately.

    If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.
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    Default Re: Fromn Alabama,

    The reason we get upset when you JTG a LEO is that in 42 states laser jammers are still legal. If everyone starts doing JTG they will eventually be illegal.

    It also subjects you to the possibility that the LEO may wonder (or know) what happened, pull you over to investigate and decide to arrrest you for some trumped up charge. While you will probably get out of it (after spending $5-10K) with a good lawyer, why subject yourself to all that headache.

    Just do the smart and responsible thing, Jam, Slow to PSL, then Kill the jammer, They get a speed reading, if done properly they have no idea what even happened, and you have put some doubt into his ability to visually estimate speeds. It's just a win-win situation with JTK (Jam Then Kill)!!

    Be smart, don't make me revoke your jammer license!!!
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    Default Re: Fromn Alabama,

    Radarrob is a approved radar detector and Parking sensor installer Anywhere in the United States.Has access to Radar and Lidar Guns to test systems.Need Help Choosing a Radar Detector or parking sensor for your needs? Visit my Install Thread:

    "I'm interested to see how well you do.I never seen a car JTG before would be a first for me.."

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    Default Re: Fromn Alabama,

    Welcome to the Forum!

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    Default Re: Fromn Alabama,

    Thank's for the replies,This forum is cool i have to admit,lot of good info to read.
    thank's everyone

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    Default Re: Fromn Alabama,

    Welcome to our forum

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    Default Re: Fromn Alabama,

    Welcome to the forum.



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