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    Default Lti20.20 software info

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm new on this forum.Motorbikes and long distance Turing is my passion.
    I'm currently conducting some research for a court case in Australia on the Lti 20.20 and would very much appreciate any input from you guys my questions
    1) Lti 20.20 current and previous software versions on us models?
    2) Can any one point me where I will be able to obtain copies of software versions?
    3) Any other studies or legal cases that are relevant to the Lti?
    Look forward to your in put

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    Default Re: Lti20.20 software info

    well in my state there is a set limit they can rite me a ticket at and its only under 1,000 ft. hope this would help you out even tho your out of the usa.

    Pm sent
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    Default Saying hello

    Hi I am Richard from Edmonton Canada. I just found this forum and you guys and gals.

    Also looking for a good place to buy a Passport 9500XI either Canada/USA

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    Default Re: Lti20.20 software info

    Welcome to the forum.



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