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    hey everyone I'm from houston and i'm very interested in purchasing a radar detector, if you have suggestions and why you think its a good radar detector let me know thanks

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    Radarrob is a approved radar detector and Parking sensor installer Anywhere in the United States.Has access to Radar and Lidar Guns to test systems.Need Help Choosing a Radar Detector or parking sensor for your needs? Visit my Install Thread:

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    welcome to the forum, there are several good detectors out there but only a few top of the line great detectors. You basically have to ask your self what you are looking for in a detector, the number one question being which is more important Range or Features (blocking false alerts) once you have answered that question it will really narrow things down

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    Suggest you read up a bit here first. Then publish some specifics about what you want, where you drive, budget, etc. Welcome aboard.

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    What part of Houston are you from?

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    Welcome, You will be able to learn alot here and choose for yourself. Strong supporters of V1 will educate why they are the best. Look at testing and results from GOL and other members that have done their own testing. Look into the Veil section and review Bob's findings in real world situations then choose there is what is best for them and then there is best for you. Happy reading and welcome aboard.

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    Welcome to our forum




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