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    I live in the States and was on a 1 week trip to Toronto. I have travelled quite a few times to Canada and have a radar detector in my car. Yesterday, while returning on the 401 to Detroit, a cop pulled me up. I thought it was for speeding but he said it was for the radar detector. He said it was illegal in Ontario and he would have to sieze it. He also mentioned that all border crossings have the sign posted that the radar detector is illegal, which I have NEVER seen so far. I gave it to him. He then asked for my licence and registration and took it to his car. When he came back he issued me with a $170 ticket. I tried to tell him that I was on a visit and since I did not know it was illegal, it was right on my windshield. He reiterated that all border crossings have the sign posted and I had 15 days to pay off the ticket. This is the first time in 7 years I have been pulled over !

    I wanted to check with this forumn if anyone is aware of a sign at the US - Canada border crossings that say the radar detector is illegal ?
    Any other thoughts on how to proceed?

    Appreciate the help ! Thanks !

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    In most areas of Canada, Radar Detectors are illegal. They'll either get you if they see it on your windshield, or if they have a Spectre (radar detector detector). The only Radar Detector that I know of that is completely invisible to it is the Escort Redline.

    I'm sure that there are signs posted. My guess is that you gotta bite the bullet on this one. It sucks. I'd just pay the ticket.

    You may or may not go again, but the following advice is to anyone where Radar Detectors are illegal. Get a concealed visor mount. You can find them on ebay or google. They kinda look similar to the visor mount CD holders.. some even hold CDs as well as the Radar Detector. It has a pocket just big enough for the RD with a hole cut in the front so that it won't get in the way of the antenna. The side of the pocket has a small hole for the power cord. Get a direct wire to come out from the top of the car to go into the hole and give power. When it is all set up, it will be almost completely concealed. Even nicer is if you get about a 4 or 5 inch tint (check local laws) on the top of your windshield. Make sure it is non-metal signal enabling tint - so that it doesn't block radar signal. Set auto mute so that you don't need to mess with it.

    Last but not least, try your best to avoid hitting your brake lights when it goes off. I hear cops look for that. Do your best to slow down with out using brakes. Of course, if you have to use brakes, do so. Safety first. =)



    P.S. Welcome to the forums. =)

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    Default Re: Hello - Need advice

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    Welcome to our forum



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