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    hello my name is mike, hope some can shed some light on this, got a ticket for speeding this morning and the trooper claims a plane caught me, what i a trying to find out does any one know if in Miami at the bird road toll booth, are state troopers camped out with raider, shooting the cars as they run through sun pass, and then call ahead and when we are pulled over,they ask if we knew how fast we were going then they answer with the speed and quickly tell us the plane caught us. If that is the case this could be good in court, thus there were no plane and the trooper gave false information, could be used possibly in every state. any information would help

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    Why on earth would they do that? Why wouldn't they simply tell you that they used radar if they did? As an ex-cop, I can see absolutely no benefit to such a strategy. Not to mention that it would require an air officer to lie for them for a simple speeding ticket, which is absurd. If they put aircraft on the ticket, that's what it was.

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    they definitely use planes to catch speeders down there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stealth Stalker View Post
    As an ex-cop...

    That's awesome that there are quite a few LEOs on these forums as well, it's nice to hear from that perspective.

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    Welcome to our forum

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    Welcome to the forum.



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