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    Default hello from rockland county

    just bought my second V1 last one is from 1994. so it should be a huge upgrade. is my relic from 94 worth anything more than what valentine would offer on the trade-in?
    any tips on settings for the V1 in north jersey/rockland area?

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    Default Re: hello from rockland county

    Congrats on your 2nd V1, are you using the V1 in another car? just curious why you didn't just send your original V1 into V1 headquarters and upgrade your 1st V1 RD.

    I heard from some forum members that X band is still used in Jersey, so you definitely want to keep X band on. You can search the forum "local and regional info" to find some great info on whats used in your area Local & Regional Info - Radar Detector Jammer Forum

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    Default Re: hello from rockland county

    Hi John,

    Welcome to the club. Good choice in gear.

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    Default Re: hello from rockland county

    Welcome to the forum!



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