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    Default hi i am law enforcement from bama

    We run" k "band radar in our part of bama,and i have tested the bel and the escort along with uniden cobra and many more detector's except valentine( its on my "to do" list. My finding's vary but i have a class or list of my own. Beltronic's first.escort second and uniden third, all other's fall very short,cobra has a lag time in responding to "k" band and it can cost you! Beltronic's and escort was neck and neck,bel had the edge for checking behide you,but escort is holding their own as far has front detection. "my advice is don't speed! If you do use common sense and your eye's open. A lead car don't work anymore,beside's i made a few stop's in a cluster and they alway's say:well he was running as fast as i was!..yes sir but your the one i got first. They has been a few time's i go 10-8 code 2 which is a warning,but i alway's carry a pocket pad and write the tag and info down, if i get you again "ticket". Anyway,back to the radar detector, i am a beltronic's man, i can't afford a valentine yet, but i understand they are very nice. For the money stay with beltronic's or escort,unless your rich then try the valentine,i hear they have great detection long for now...copperfrombama.. Be safe!

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    Default Re: hi i am law enforcement from bama

    Welcome aboard! The V1 has an extra edge over the Bel and Escort in reaction time, especially with Ka band. That extra second will very definitely save you in the South, where the trigger finger gets a workout. If I were still an officer, I'd want everyone to run Escorts, because they're so simple to defeat!

    Valentine has held it's price steady for a good while now, while the top of the line Escorts and Bels have climbed higher and higher, well surpassing the V1. I just came back from a LEO conference in Arizona with a fellow officer, and he is now completely sold on the Valentine One. Ordered himself one just as soon as we got home! Professional courtesy isn't always what it used to be!

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    Default Re: hi i am law enforcement from bama

    Welcome to the forum!

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    Default Re: hi i am law enforcement from bama

    welcome! good to have a cop on our side! haha

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    Default Re: hi i am law enforcement from bama

    i'm from LA bama ,does anyone know what band they use in bama?
    I dont post much but love to read,just saw another bama boy and wanted to say hey

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    Default Re: hi i am law enforcement from bama

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    Default Re: hi i am law enforcement from bama

    A LEO that also uses a RD. Don't see too many of those. What is your "speeding threshold" when you are issuing traffic tickets?

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    Default Re: hi i am law enforcement from bama

    Welcome to the club, and glad to have you aboard.

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    Default Re: hi i am law enforcement from bama

    Welcome to the forum and good to have you aboard.

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    Default Re: hi i am law enforcement from bama

    Welcome aboard! Are you a statie or county?

    I suppose it's getting time for an "officers lounge" here on the forum. Fritter could use a friend.
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