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    Default Hi from Melbourne, Australia

    Fantastic that I found this forum, currently have lost my licence, get it back in 2 weeks, have issues with speeding, recently purchased a Carrera S, came with a hard wired Beltronic system, on the front near the number plate was a sensor. ( long and skinny) is this the radar sensor?, then there was another sensor on the left hand side, that was black and more chunkier, is this the jammer unit? and way when i turn it on, it goes through the start up sequence and says LASER N/A, does this mean the laser dosn't work??

    Have also a Beltronics STI, which I can mount on my windscreen, my question is what is the best laser jammer on the market? and is the Beltronics Radar the best, it has saved my ass a few times.
    any help would be appreciated !

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    Default Re: Hi from Melbourne, Australia

    One thing I would watch out for is make your sure your remote mounted unit is invisible to the Spectre. If it's not the STi-R or STi-R Plus, then they will be able to detect your remote mount unit. The STi is good RD and undetectable to the Spectre. I would be concerned about the Laser N/A message, means it's not seeing the jammers. Escort jammers suck anyways, the Blinders or Laser Interceptor's are much better.
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    Default Re: Hi from Melbourne, Australia

    Welcome to the forum.Agreed blinders or laser interceptors are the best jammers around.

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    Default Re: Hi from Melbourne, Australia

    Been about 10 years since I've been down to your "neck of the woods", in fact it's my #3 on my list of all time favorite countries.
    Sorry to hear about losing the license to drive there for a couple of weeks, so goes the nature of the beast when it comes to speeding.

    I agree w/Rocky 2 about the laser system you have on your car, probably want to upgrade to a LI or Blinder Unit for the best protection. Also the STI is also a good RD that can keep you out of a jam concerning the Police. If able a STI-R plus would offer more protection/warning than the STI IMO but does cost quite a few AUD's but you get what you pay for.

    Welcome to our most excellent site.



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