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    I received a Notice of Infraction in the mail that included a link so that I could view my car going through a reddish light. The photo only includes the license plate and nothing with the driver of the vehicle. After reading online etc. I have come to realize that the city does not need a photo of the driver to enforce the infraction. This seems opposite to everything I have ever known about how the legal system. I thought the responsibility to prove guilt was on the government not the citizen. Can anyone help me understand this transition? Thanks!!

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    Has anyone successfully used the stance of innocent until proven guilty - ie prove who the driver is - and not had to pay the huge fine?

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    They are spreading these cameras all over now.You need to look into navalert or cheetah red light and speed detectors.

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    I know they are putting these everywhere but has there been any cases that can be cited to create a precidence that they are violating a constitutional right by not indicating the driver of the vehicle?



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