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    Default hello from atlanta


    New here.

    in atlanta.

    Been getting hammered lately by LEOs with lasers.

    started thinking about picking up a anti-laser system. thoughts?

    trying to keep budget small.

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    Default Re: hello from atlanta

    when you talk about a good quality Jammer system, two come to my mind the Laser Interceptor (LI) and the Blinder, nothing else comes close IMO. When you say "trying to keep budget small" you can expect to pay >$400 M27 Blinder or around $600 for the LI and you can get both on the website.

    Also allot depends on what kind of vehicle you drive because the bigger the car/truck the harder it is to cover. the color and how much chrome are on the front/back of your vehicle make a huge impact also. Do some research on this site and I believe you can find the answers to most of your questions. Between the enthusiast/moderators/administrators you would be hard pressed to find a better "all in one" site for Counter Measures (CM).

    Good Luck on your next jammer system.

    Welcome to our most excellent forum
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    Default Re: hello from atlanta

    Welcome to the forum.You will find great information here on jammers.



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