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    Hi all.

    My goal here is to find the best stealth setup for a Lazer Jammer and Radar detector interfaced to an Iphone display wireless if possible. Private messages always welcome.

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    Welcome to our forum

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    welcome to the forum

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    Just dreaming out loud here.

    You know what would be very cool.

    Lets say a company like Valentine made a series of GPS windshield mounted units. They look the same as a Garmin pretty much. Police see them all the time and ignore them.

    Now the Valentine unit comes in many models. The base is a GPS only. Next one up is GPS plus a back up display with a remote camera that transmits to the unit using Bluetooth.

    The next one up is a GPS back up camera and radar detector. The rear antenna for the Radar detector is in the camera for backing up. It is in a good place for detecting laser and conventional radar. The GPS unit on the windshield has both sensors for forward detecting.

    The units connect to your iphone and share detection locations on the GPS map. Speedlight cameras are entered with a button by users as they see them and the data base is updated.

    Ok here is the cool part. You have a key fob that comes with the unit and you push it and it wipes the entire radar detecting operating system and software from the unit. It will not work no matter what you do to it. You unit is now only a backup camera and conventional GPS.

    The only way to get the radar detector back is to buy a third party cable that attaches to your iphone and go to a third party site and download an app that will then reinstall the software and operating system on your GPS unit. Maybe by flashing a chip inside.

    Now here is the really cool part. Valentine in order to save money makes one hardware run on the units. They are all the same hardware wise. The only difference is the operating system and software they contain. You buy the GPS and backup camera unit and it only works as those two things. Unless you go the the third party vendor who sells you a key fob and the Iphone cable and app. And if you do that you instantly change your unit to have radar detection too. Unknown to Valentine. So if you get a ticket for possessing a radar detector in Ontario say you could go to court and produce an affidavit from Valentine saying that your GPS is not a radar detector as shipped from the factory and cannot detect radar as shipped from the factory.

    In court the judge says Yes but you can make it a radar detector and you say but it is not and it was purchased as a GPS and back up camera only. It is the same as trying to charge all computer owners for having illegal images on their computers. Yes the hardware allows you to have them if you wanted and yes people with the images have the same hardware as any other computer user but without the images (software and data) on your system you have not broken any law.

    The third party company would operate arms length from Valentine so Valentine could claim in literature that their GPS units are just GPS (even though the hardware is there to make them detectors). Valentine would sell their own operating system and software to make the units Radar detectors as well and would know the serial numbers of all units sold that way so they could say which features each unit has based on their serial number.

    The third party company would work by word of mouth. No need to advertise it to the masses.

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    Welcome to the forum.



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