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    Smile Hello Folks

    Hi everyone,
    Im new here in the states, from Australia.
    You've got some great highways up here in the north west!

    Ive noticed that law enforcement use LIDAR very exensively over here , just like it is back in Australia. - for obvious reasons

    Are blinder and laser interceptor products country specific with regards to software and or hardware?
    For example would a LI or blinder product bought here in the states work well in Europe, Asia or Australia for that matter?

    How do the current jammer heads perfom for protecting the rear of the car?

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    welcome to the forum

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    The blinder and LI are not country specific, it is rather the guns that are country specific. The UK and the US have very different laser guns, which luckily, the LI and blinder can cope with (generally).

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    Interesting, cos i found a blinder reseller in Australia that claims the software and hardware is specific to an Australian model, and US models are tuned differently... is that some BS?

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    Welcome to the forum mate.

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    Welcome to the forum. Please remember to use the search function before making any new threads.

    The LI and the MX7 series are online update-able, so they will be fine anywhere in the world.



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