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    Default Hong Kong White Guy

    I've just opened a shop in Hong Kong. Been here for a long time (17+ yrs)
    working in car audio/electronics. Planned to quit the biz and spend my time
    working on guitars & tube amps, but someone made me an exceptional offer,
    so I'm back into the fray.
    I hope to post some of the installs carried out here. There are more exotics on the
    road that you'll see anywhere outside of Dubai. I've had the pleasure of working on
    most of 'em. The greatest hurdle to overcome is the user's misconceptions of the
    equipment's capabilities. (no sir, your jammer will not work against photo-radar)
    Clients tend to value their privacy, and many of them expressly forbid the use of the
    photos for any purpose other than maintaining a well-documented database.

    Ease of access has made the SRX a popular choice, however, I must now consider the
    LI and Blinder products. The LEO's here are well-funded and their equipment is typically up to date with the current European standards.
    V1 has been widely accepted, largely due to the advanced menu settings that allow Ku band selection and X-off settings.

    I look forward to participating in this forum. Any HK locals, get in touch with me if you want to sit down for a cup of lai-cha and a chat about cars, radar, guitars, tube-amps or anything else that strikes your fancy. English is preferred, but my gweilo cantonese is not too bad.

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    Default Re: Hong Kong White Guy

    Nice to see you on the forum, we can provide a wealth of information for you when it comes to installing products optimally. It sounds like you do know your deal though...

    We used to have a couple members on here from Hong-Kong (I forgot their names... pals w/each other though)... one had a yellow Mazda... wish I could remember them, had some good convos with those mates, just many years ago...

    Oh well other members will remember them. Good chums... but I think they got busted?

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    Default Re: Hong Kong White Guy

    Welcome to the forum.

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    Default Re: Hong Kong White Guy

    I never made it to "your neck of the woods" but did spend about 8 years in Asia. Mainly out of Japan but flew on Acft all over. Favorite part was definitely SEA and in particular the PI, had some really good times down there.

    Hopefully your business stays good for ya over there.

    Welcome to our most excellent forum

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    Default Re: Hong Kong White Guy

    We do see a fair number of armed-forces personnel (mostly carrier-based) visiting
    HK. Their presence doesn't bring any business in through my doors, but the
    pubs and clubs do a roaring trade in those few days! From my own experience, it's
    a lot more interesting having a pint with AFP's than the bankers and business people
    who usually occupy the watering holes.

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    Default Re: Hong Kong White Guy

    Welcome to the forum.Would be nyce to see some installs..

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    Default Re: Hong Kong White Guy

    Welcome to the forum.Glad to hear that the V1 is very popular over there. Make sure they guys get either the new Blinder or LI's there.

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    Default Re: Hong Kong White Guy

    I'm starting discussion with the Taiwan distributor for LI. There's a Lambo Gallardo and a MB SL 63 that are in the pipeline. I will try to convince the owners to allow photos of the cars & setup to be posted.
    Previously, the SRX system has been popular, however, after spending time reviewing this forum, it seems that I can better serve my customer's best interests by offering the LI. V1 remains popular, but with all the urban driving & lots of potential for false alerts, GPS marking has begun to hold sway.
    I'll keep the forum posted on any interesting developments.

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    Default Re: Hong Kong White Guy

    welcome to the forum



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