Hey thanks first for this nice resource and forum. A ton of good information here.

I just purchased a 9500ix ... I was going back and forth between that one and the redline and the VL1.

I live in a Cleveland suburb and commute daily a bunch of miles ( fairly quickly ) on the Ohio turnpike and then down 8 south into the Akron area and back.

So now a few 9500ix questions.

I registered with escort and installed the dectector tools software and updated my detector. Apparently after 3 months they will try to get you to ante up for additional updates? I will have to think about ( eventually ) how much they want and if that is worth it.

Here are my initial questions:

1) I set it to Highway but sounds like I should set it back to Auto and based on speed let the ix decide what mode to use?

2) I set the POP on ... is that common or beneficial or what are other peoples recommendations here?

3) I guess Ohio is getting attention for some kind of highway sensor based installation. Something about TSR? Do I need to make a change on the ix so that it automatically ignores these sensors ( and if so what are the tradeoffs )?

Last one specifically on my purchase from ( BB ... a big box retailer ). I purchased a returned item that was down quite a bit in price from list. They had 2 returned ones and apparently they will keep discounting ( every 30 days ? ) the older returns until they sell them. I did purchase a 2 year return plan from BB.

Is there any way to check how old the unit is or any worries about it? ( The unit did take the upgrade from the Escort 1.7 software update so maybe that would have covered any/all firmware upgrades required ( if any ) ). Is the serial number something I should call escort with and ask them etc? ( I have 30 days to return it ).

Thanks again for the great resource out here!