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    Hey guys, my name is Zach and I'm joining these forums because I'm looking into buying my first radar detector and you guys seem to know a lot about them haha.
    So far I've been watching some of the reviews and they've been really helpful, right now I'm looking into the Whistler Pro 78 SE, any suggestions around that price range?
    Thanks everyone and I look forward to posting here!

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    Welcome, I used a Pro 78 for a while, and it was pretty nice. You could also look into the Escort 8500. You can find refurbished ones for 150 bucks from Escort; they're also nice units.
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    Quote Originally Posted by unmamfqlm View Post
    Welcome, I used a Pro 78 for a while, and it was pretty nice. You could also look into the Escort 8500. Refurbished ones go for 150 bucks; they're also nice units.
    X2 - Go with the referb 8500 if $150 is your price. Good all around detector and a great value. If you decide to spend more we would need to know more about what you want, were you drive (city/highway), area of country (type of radar used...), driving style, etc. After the referb 8500 you would need to spend $360 (factory used V1) - $500 (Redline / 9500ix) to make an appreciable jump in performance. Remember you get a 10% discount if you buy from Radar Busters as a forum member. READ up on the forum before you buy sure to ask questions.

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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome read around There are plenty of choices but you need to figure out what detector suits your style and threats

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    Thanks everybody for the warm welcome!
    And @Vette6893, I usually drive city in South Florida, if that helps
    I'll look into the 8500 now.

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    Welcome to a great forum.

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    welcome to the forum. You are going to find a lot of great information here. If you drive mostly in the city in Florida then you will defiantly want something with good filtration on false alerts, probably be best to go with the refurb 8500 x50 with the price range you are looking at

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    Welcome to our most excellent site.

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    Letting you all know I went with a refurb x50 and everything seems perfect, the only thing was after I used it it seemed a bit hot, should I take it off the mount when I get out of my car? (Black on black and live in South Florida, it can get really hot...)



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