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Thread: Hello!!!

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    Default Hello!!!

    Hello everyone
    I own a Escort-Passport-9500ix-Radar-Detector-p/9500ix.htm">9500ix
    I signed up for the forums because
    i encountered a problem with my item.

    You see
    The 9500ix is suppose to support Ku-Bands
    but mine doesn't..
    Its up to date and i bought it 3 days ago.
    When i use Detector Tools provided by EscortRadar
    The KU-BAND option is GRAYED out..

    SO now im on here to find some help.

    My friend owns a 9500ix and his has Ku

    Although most say "Ku band isn't used in the US"
    It is in some cases.


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    Default Re: Hello!!!

    Welcome to the club. Not sure what is up with Ku. Maybe someone else can chime in. We have a lot of members from Australia and NZ, not sure if Ku is used there.

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    Default Re: Hello!!!

    I don't know to much about the 9500ix, never ran w/one, but you can PM EscortRadar and he should be able to help you out. Also you can post on the Escort forum about 3 sections down from where you posted here. Good Luck

    Welcome to our most excellent site.

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    Default Re: Hello!!!


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    Default Re: Hello!!!


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    Default Re: Hello!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Koomoo View Post
    Although most say "Ku band isn't used in the US"
    It is in some cases.
    I am 99.999999% sure that Ku is not used in the lower 48 states. where do you live?
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    Default Re: Hello!!!

    Welcome! No doubt EscortRadar will have your answer...


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