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    Default Hello from Rhode Island

    Anybody else here from the great (but tiny) state of RI... or in the area? Looking to get some advice on what radar detector I ought to get... thanks!

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    Default Re: Hello from Rhode Island

    welcome to the forum. There will defiantly be some people here who will be able to tell you what would work best for you, but in the end the final decision will be yours.
    What type of driving do you do, (highway or city)? Are you looking for protection against just radar or laser as well? Do you ever visit Virginia at all?

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    Default Re: Hello from Rhode Island


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    Default Re: Hello from Rhode Island

    Welcome. I am no where near you. But I have been to your state many times. I love the east coast. Have fun on here

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    Default Re: Hello from Rhode Island

    I can't seem to start a new thread in the radar detector forum. Anybody know what the issue is? Is there a word limit on my posts perhaps?

    Commute is local roads & highway. Looking just for a radar detector now. Seems like the Escort Redline and the V1 are the top choices, not sure which would be better for my area yet.
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    Welcome. Escort 9500ix is great for the Metro areas to lock out your false door alarms, Redline is good for VA and Canada and the road in general, and the V1 is for the road. If I/O (instant-on radar) is your main issue, the V1 rules in that area. I have use a V1 for 18 years now and will run nothing else because I deal with Bama I/O 34.7 Stalker radar...



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