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    Lurker on this Forum a few times over the years, finally joined. Got my first detector back in the mids 80's when I was riding a modded ZX600R Ninja and liked the results. Move forward to a few years ago, got some back to back tickets (on a road I take for years everyday and for once they show up with Radar and peg peeps for a few days and rarely show again) So I researched and not being one of large fundage got the V955. Been very happy with it over the 2+ years (lots of false alerts but I'm used to it and it has saved me many times from the KA used here) but it died last week.

    So now I"m learning again before I order a new one!

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    Nice choice on the v955. That's the best "bang for the buck" RD on the planet, in my opinion.

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