Hello all!

As expected from the location of this post, I'm a new member to these forums. I purchased my first RD (9500ix) after an encounter with a dick cop and my attorney wasn't able to completely drop the ticket. It was marked down to "inattention to driving" which really pissed me off because I was anything but inattentive. I saw the school zone light from a couple of miles away and had just slowed down a half mile earlier to pass some children walking on the shoulder. But since I was a second too late in getting down to 20 I got a ticket. The PSL was 35 before the school zone and 20 in the zone. He clocked me at 29 just 30 feet inside the sign; he showed me the lidar with the speed and distance and I went out the next day with a 300 foot tape measure to check it. In addition, the number of children actually in the school zone was zero. The officer was in an unmarked Charger illegally parked in a school zone -- I thought he was a rapist (and told him so after he handed me the ticket).

That ticket cost me about $600. I figured I would rather spend that money on CM than on the next ticket I received.

I recently had a couple of saves which I've posted about here: http://www.radardetector.net/forums/...lus-bonus.html I recently traded in my car for a truck and am upgrading my countermeasures to include LI as well as finally getting around to installing the radios (HAM and CB) and scanners I didn't want to install in a luxury car.

I'm looking forward to participating in this forum and sharing ideas.