Hey all, new guy here.

Like a lot of folks, I like to do some research before I buy. I've found some of the best info to be had is found in online forums. So, when I started thinking about radar detectors, I sought out a forum (and here I am! ) not just to learn about different radar detectors, but to see whether it would even be worth it for me to invest in one.

I'm a 50ish guy living in the Chicago suburbs. I'm not an aggressive driver, and I'm not a road warrior. (So, one might rightly ask, why am I even here? )

The reason is two-fold. Once in a while I like to take a drive, and when I do, I like to "open it up". When I do, I'd like to have a little insurance against getting a ticket. The other reason is my wife. Unlike me, she has a lead foot and it's cost me a few bucks over the years. Plus, she is a road warrior and puts a lot of miles on her car. So, even though I would not use the detector regularly, it would not be collecting dust in my glove box -- it would be indirectly saving me $$ daily.