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    Cool Hello from all over the place, USA

    I haven't used a radar detector in a few years but I'm doing quite a bit of driving lately so I got myself an Escort RedLine and I'm using it with their Live service on my iPhone.

    Since you have to know what youre doing with a RD and not just panic when it beeps, I've been going around the net reading stuff to better understand how to interpret this thing's behavior, and how to avoid getting in trouble with traffic enforcement such as when I might accidentally exceed the speed limit while not paying close attention.

    Partly I haven't used a RD recently because I'm generally pretty good about identifying likely enforcement locations and unsafe locations and checking my speed, but when doing lots of driving it always helps to know as much as possible about what's going on around you.

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    Welcome. It takes time to learn. Just watch out for I/O (instant on radar- a full scale alert with no warning) and laser (the same). Keep 1 or 2 rabbits (speeders) in front of you so they will get the supprise on the Leo's target display reading (front car for radar), and stay out of the fastest display on radar also (most new radar has 2 displays- strongest signal (first car) and the fastest signal (fastest car)), and stay out of the cross hairs of laser and your good to go!....



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