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    Default HI all From the United Kingdom

    Hi have just got my self a Valentine1 with pop & euro mode,
    WE seem to have an increase in Radar use in my town.
    In the past 6 months Gatso camers seem to be appearing on major roads in & out of my route to work + police are using more unmarked cars with camera's

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    Default Re: HI all From the United Kingdom

    Hi Kerberus, Itís always fun to hear from people on the other side of the pond.

    Iíve been using the V1 for at least 15 years. I purchased the original Mike Valentine designed Escort back in 1981 while I was in High School. I had just received my first speeding ticket. During this time the local highway patrol used high powered continuous X band radar and the Escort would often give me several minutes alert time.

    While I think that the US has the best radar detector I know the UK has the best car show, Top Gear. What a winning combination.

    Take care and enjoy your new detector.



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