Hello, I live in New Jersey and am about a month away from getting my permit. I have been looking into getting a radar detector but there is one hitch; my parents. Funny thing is, my dad has a radar detector and a laser jammer, a Valentine V1 and Blinder M47, and understands the values of having one but is not fond of allowing me to get one because he says that I will not be driving quickly (funny to hear coming from him). Understand that I have no intentions of driving recklessly, just to go with the flow, but in my area their are alot of towns with that one spot where the speed limit drops and there is a great hidding spot with a budget stressed town cop runing constant on Ka or K band. Given the nature of my concerns, I think an Escort 9500ix would fit me well since it will not give a false alert unless there is a cop even though it gives up a little performance to the V1. I know that it will pay for its self if it saves me once, but I am going to have a hard time convincing my parents. I also think a handheld CB radio with a 36" magnetic antenna would be great (for around $60) for long trips. From my experience in New Jersey there is an unofficial tolerence of 14mph among the state troopers and I don't intend to drive that fast so I don't think a laser jammer will be needed (and besides, its my parents car). I also don't think I need spring for the Escort L!ive at $40 for the cord plus $30/year plus data overages for my usage. And if there is any consolation, my dad has told me (without me asking him) not to put those red Kleigh stickers on. I would rather risk a $104 fine with no points then get pulled over for some BS speeding ticket (I've heard of people being stopped for 2mph over the PSL) or another offence with points.