I'm a 26 year old college student studying Electrical Engineering. I stumbled across this site after deciding enough is enough, I need *quality* countermeasures! (I currently have none, but I knew enough to not buy a cheap one or anything RMR!)

I drive about 20K a year and I get a LOT of trap exposure both in D/FW and on my way back to visit mom in Abilene. (2-5 traps on that stretch alone!)

My two year ticket free spree was ended by a small town cop the other day...8 over, $170. I had cruise on so I'm going to inquire as to the maintenance of their radars before I bend over in court.

Still, with a police force that acts as if Boss Hogg runs the town, I'm not too optimistic. The LEO jumped the median from the opposing lane of the access road on I20 to do the stop, almost impacting my vehicle in the process. Now who's driving dangerously again? (grrr!)

Hopefully I can learn a bit here and hopefully we have some Mopar fans that like to talk shop too. My current vehicle is a 2004 300M Special with 150K on it....the suspension was rebuilt at 120K; it rides as if new. I've had it 2 years and its a blast.