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    Default Hello from the Chicago area

    So I have an old Radio Shack radar detector that I bought when they cleared them out for $15 when the FCC rules changed around 2002. I decided it was time for a more serious detector as we're going to be doing some more road trips and started researching Whistler versus Bel. This site has been a wonderful resource. Rather than be a lurker I thought that I would jump in, say hello and thank you.


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    Default Re: Hello from the Chicago area

    Welcome to the forum!

    I too am a Whistler fan as I saved up for the Whistler Spectrum back in...uh...'84. It worked fantastically back in the day against the radar guns and tactics of that era. These days I've been using mostly Bel/Escort RD's, but from testing (that I trust...heh), the Whistler Pro 78 SE and XTR-690 do respectably well. Perhaps not up with those $500 Big-Dawg-RD's, but very good indeed. In addition, the SE appears to have fairly low emissions as well. The other Whistlers in their so much.



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