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    Hello and greetings from the North East.
    I'm currently researching a good RD to get. I drive to VA 2-3 times a year, so I'm looking for something with stealth and of course. Looking at what's out there and the features I want, it looks like its not going to be cheap, so I want to make sure I get something I won't regret. Leaning towards the redline or the sti magnum right now, but I'm worried of the QT capabilities of either.

    Can somebody tell me if this is something I need to be concern about?


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    There is an update on the way for the RedLine via Escort Live! that will solve it's Q/T problems. That same update may eventually be available for the STi Magnum, but I have not gotten confirmation on that yet. The RedLine's rampup is terrible. The STi Magnum's rampup is very good.



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