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    Default Just want to say hello

    I don't actually own Sti Magnum yet, but waiting on my tax return to buy one. It is a very nice forum, I've got a lot of useful info. Thank you everytbody.
    For 3 years I've been using Whistler-695 and it has saved me multiple times. The closest call was a local cop hiding on our rural county road in Alabama - 500 yards from my house. The speed limit is 35 there, and I was doing about 45 - 100 yards behind my neighbor who was riding his motorcycle - and my Whistler started beeping, I was in total shock hearing Ka band warning - it is a very small road. Slammed on my brakes and saw the cop pulling my neighbor on his Harley over to give him a ticket for his 45.
    Whistler has served me well but it is getting old. LCD is dim and I think it is a very slow to react sometimes so I barely have time to react. So my idea is to get Magnum when I have more money, probably use a coupon a something - $409 Hayneedle has it for now is a lot of money for me.
    Still, I travel to VA a lot, and think it may be a good feature that it can’t be detected and I still can use it over there if needed. We don’t have any speed cameras yet, so it looks like Magnum is a better thing for me than a GPS enabled unit.
    Just wanted to say “hello”. Thank you

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    Default Re: Just want to say hello

    The STi Magnum is a very good choice. Most likely, you will be able to add the GPS features, band segmentation and the ability to turn RDR off to your STi Magnum via Escort Live! in the near future.




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