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    Default New member from NY moving to FL (just got a v1)


    Just like the title says..I bought the v1 recently because I plan to drive from NYC to MIA. I love how you can program the device, making it ideal for what you might encounter in your area. I been looking around and it seems that everyone is so helpful.

    My biggest concern is freeways use. I am dying to figure out what would be the idea set up for the v1 for freeway use only. I understand what bands to turn on and off depending on the state. I guess there seems to be no definitive answer about Ka guard on or off? Pop on or off? Ka sensitivity?

    The States in question where I will be operating most. FL,NY,CA


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    Default Re: New member from NY moving to FL (just got a v1)

    Congrads! #5 Ka Sensitivity is for Photo radar, just shows more LEDs to slam your brakes quicker, no increase in range. Don't use it because you can't guess the strength and range of Ka esp on I/O because the V1 will be at full scale to soon. MPH POP? Is it used in your area? Ka Guard off? I run it off mostly except in heavy traffic where I'm hid. The V1 is a new animal with the Guard off. A great start to set the V1 I think is 7 and b arrows down, tab half way, main volume full, little l mode. This will let you have weak X/K at low volume and the rest at full volume for priority alarms. Then if you can turn X band off, that is even better....



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