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    Default Hi, and some advice on my collection

    Hi everyone. I know I've come to the right place as I've been thoroughly confused by all the info available here. I have an Escort 8500 x50, a Beltronics 995, a Escort 4600, and yes, a cobra xrs9445 and xrs9345 ($25 each) and some old Uniden.

    I've got the 8500 x50 in my BMW Z4 M Coupe, the 4600 in my '83 VW rabbit GTi because it is period correct or closer than the others, and the Beltronics I just put in my company car.

    The question I have is: given that the 8500 x50 and the Beltronics 995 are so similar, is there a difference that would make me put one vs the other into my fast car (BMW). Also, I've just changed both the 8500 and the 995 to show the frequencies. Is there a cheat sheet I can print up and put in the cars to help me determine what's false and what's real?

    Also, I'm in Philly, so what I've read is I need to keep x band on because NJ has so many towns still using x band. I've turned TSR on both because the highways here use radar to track traffic. And I've turned POP off on both. Should I reverse any of those decisions?

    Lastly, the Cobras. The 9345 is basically junk, as it goes off for anything and I've witnessed it set other detectors in other cars off. The 9445 is basically the same junk, but I keep it in my wife's car on the off chance I'm driving it.
    Can I massage this detector to be a little better? If I shut off the POP mode, Ku, and the VG2/Spectre detection, can I trust is a little more than now? That would leave X, K, and Lidar on for it to show falses to me.

    Just for fun, does anyone still hold the 4600 in high regard? It seems to be pretty quiet, although traffic radar sets it off. But am I right in thinking I'll get pretty decent protection from it for the K and X bands. Obviously there is no laser on this unit.

    Thanks all!

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    Default Re: Hi, and some advice on my collection

    Is the plastic lens on the front of your X50 flat or curved? If it's curved, it's better than your Bel Vector. If it's flat, they're basically the same thing.

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    Default Re: Hi, and some advice on my collection

    " can I shut off the POP mode, Ku, and the VG2/Spectre detection?"


    No wonder it's going off on everything ! LOL

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    Default Re: Hi, and some advice on my collection

    @sipman -
    Not just NJ w/ "x-band"...a few yrs ago I got nailed nr Scranton on I-80 by SP in a older white van shooting thru the back windows.I ignored the Valentine warning thinking SP no longer used 1960 technology.



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